Week 4 – Will someone eat the last freakin’ lemon tart PLEASE!!

Well I have made it to week 4 – it was another tough one! What did I learn this week – 1. That calamari from Whitespot is not a healthy choice and it may be mixed with pig butt if the internet is to be believed! 2. I need to get a tan before I have my picture posted in the newspaper 3. That having a bad week doesn’t mean that you failed it just means that you need to try harder next week and 4. Sometimes you are just taking it one minute at a time.

Weekends are harder for me to stick to healthier eating because there is usually alot going on and that means I need to plan when I’m going to eat and what I’m going to eat. I didn’t do too bad but I did use up my ‘other’ treat options on one too many drinks this weekend (kids were at Grandma’s!) As well to top it off it was Valentine’s Day and my super-supportive (please note I am being sarcastic) co-worker brought in treats from the Dutch Bakery. I resisted as long as I could then finally succumbed and had half a lemon tart. I was proud of myself because in years past I probably would have eaten atleast 2 of them. Friday rolls around and there is still one lemon tart left in the kitchen, my willpower was quickly fading so I sent an AllStaff email around begging someone to eat it and put me out of my misery. Thankfully someone ate it before I went in the kitchen – crisis diverted!!

Here’s a pic of my son when he was about 8 months old in Hawaii making an unhealthy eating choice (sand!) – I guess he inherited that from me!
d eating sand pic

Here`s a little more about how I got to where I am today: I was never a super skinny teenager but played lots of sports so I think it helped keep my weight in check. I had my beautiful daughter when I was 25 and gained 60lbs. I lost just over 30 in the first month (I still have no idea how). Then struggled to lose the last 30 and lost more but never really got all the way back. I was playing co-ed summer soccer about 3 years later when I broke my leg going for a 50/50 ball against a guy (Not to taint your view of co-ed soccer but – boys can usually kick way harder than girls so if you see them charging for a ball and you are a girl you might want to back off a little), on came another 5-10lbs that I never really lost, fast forward a few years later and in another bid to get healthy I was riding my bike to work and wiped out on some black ice and hurt my shoulder, on came another 5-10lbs that I never really lost, fast forward another few years and I gained 60lbs when I was pregnant with my son (you would think I would have learned my lesson the first time!), same thing – I lost 35ish the first month then struggled with the rest, then this year I was playing soccer in Sooke and tore my lateral meniscus and had surgery in November and wait for it you will be so surprised….I gained probably another 10lbs. So here I am today trying yet again to get myself in shape but thankfully this time I have professional help so hopefully I will be much more successful than in the past (fingers crossed!)

Here’s how my week went:
Monday – I worked out at home with my new exercise bands – it was ok but I felt I should have done more
Tuesday – Lunch time bootcamp – it was alot of leg work and my legs are still sore!
Wednesday – Early morning workout at Westshore Rec – I guess as punishment for something my lovely trainer Dana decided it was time to increase my weights – Yeah (again please note I am being sarcastic!!)
Thursday – Missed my bootcamp – too much craziness at work 😦
Friday – Early morning spin class at Westshore Rec – I felt like a real spinner (is that what they are called?) as I actually wore spandex to class.

Here’s hoping next week will be alot better – I have my first exam on Saturday so I’m hoping the exercise will help keep me focused when I am studying all week!

Here’s a link to my article that was in the Times Colonist this weeK: http://www.timescolonist.com/health-challenge/langford-mom-raechel-gray-is-finding-time-in-her-busy-life-for-change-1.73663

Till next time.

Laters baby!


Week 3…. I’m just glad it’s over!

Well I have made it to week 3 – I am officially 1/4 of the way into my new life. It was a hard one. What did I learn this week: 1. Eating healthy is expensive. 2. Working out 5 days a week creates alot of laundry and 3. I really have a strong dislike for salad (unless it is caesar salad with only the leafy parts not the super crunchy middle).

More on point 3 – My husband, whom I love very much, has tried to support me in so many ways over the years. He was willing to do whatever I asked him to do to help me get healthier. If I told him to ask me what I was eating, if I was working out etc he would ask me, then sit back and listen while I got mad at him for asking me because I was upset at myself that I couldn’t make better choices. If I asked him to not say anything, he wouldn’t ask me for months and then bring it up casually and sit back and listen while I got mad at him for bringing it up. It’s not really fair, it’s not his fault – it was all my fault, I am the only person I can change so I have no one to blame but myself. I’m glad that he has always supported me and hope I will be able to show him that all his years of supporting me will pay off. So anyway moving on to my dislike of salad. I am into week 2 of eating healthy and my loving supportive husband made dinner on Monday night – what did he make you ask – salmon (which I like), brown rice (another thing I like) and salad (not just a bag of salad – he chopped up red peppers, carrots and cucumber in it too). It was basically my worst nightmare in a bowl that I had to eat with dinner. I can barely tolerate individual veggies on a good day let alone a whole bowl of veggies mixed together! I ate some of it but I really should have tried to eat more of it. It was quite the scene… thankfully my daughter is nothing like me when it comes to veggies, she actually asks to have salad sometimes (Crazy!!), so her and my husband ate all of theirs but my son who is 4 was crying at the table because he was being told to eat his veggies too. I was right there with him I was not impressed at all. Thankfully my husband took a pic of me enjoying (not really) my salad. I’ll post it below. What’s the moral of the story: I strongly dislike salad but need to not be such a baby and get over it….mind over matter!!

salad pic

I haven’t really set a weight loss goal per say – I just want to get healthier and hopefully by getting healthier I will lose some weight. So often in the past I would stay on track for a few weeks or months then get frustrated because I wasn’t losing enough weight and just revert back to my old habits and start the vicious cycle all over again. One goal I have set I am quickly realizing may be unattainable. I have challenged my co-worker to a wall squat contest. Some people might say that would be a good goal and could be winable if I keep up with everything but those people would be wrong! I have realized after the wager was made, (and I knew this before I just didn’t really think that hard about it when I was making the wager), my co-worker is like a black belt in Aikido!! He can wall squat all freakin’ day!!! At my fitness test last week I could hold it for 50 seconds. Well this week he sat in a wall squat for over 2 minutes before I told him to get up. This is so not good! I have been trying to take his knees out ever since but I think I should hire the job out. Does anyone know if Tonya Harding is looking for a side job and available around the end of April? Maybe I should start typing my blog in a wall squat…it would start getting a lot shorter that is for sure. What’s the moral of this story: try to remember that your co-worker is a black belt before challenging them to a wall squat contest!!

Here’s how my week went:
Monday: early morning workout at Westshore Rec. It went really good. Dana is really nice and I think we work well together. She says do this and I say ok.
Tuesday: bootcamp at lunch. Julie was sick all week so wasn’t there 😦 It’s not as fun without her there. Bootcamp was good. Super hard and the instructor Olivia is really nice and somehow gets you to do all these crazy hard things and feel like you want to do it.
Wednesday: early morning workout at Westshore Rec. We worked with exercise bands that day. You can really get a good workout with those bands and thankfully they gave me a set to keep so that I can work out anytime. Darn it one less excuse now!
Thursday: bootcamp at lunch. No Julie and Olivia the instructor put us thru a crazy hard workout. We did this pull up thing with 2 bars on the ground. It made me feel so weak but I kept at it. It can only get better right?
Friday: spin class at Westshore Rec. Again not to taint your view of spin class but it is freakin’ HARD! I am going to stick with it because it’s such a good cardio workout for me but good grief it’s hard! My butt still hurts but not as much and the instructor is really nice. While she is telling you to increase your tension 6 notches (which is alot!!) she throws a “please” on the end so that you will feel bad if you don’t listen to her since she asked so nicely.

Well on to week 4.

Till next time….

Laters baby!

Week 2 – OMG!! – It’s only Week 2?!?!?

Week 2 – It’s hard to believe that it is only week 2 – it feels like it should be week 5 or 6! I am sore all the time – in a good way. But definitely tired. I need to get my schedule a little better organized this week so that I’m not staying up till midnight working on homework then trying to get up at 5:30am for my workouts. Is there anyway to get more than 24 hours in a day? Can you rent or lease some hours or maybe buy them off Ebay…I’ll have to look into that!

I thought this week I would talk a little bit about how I got to where I am today. I think my body image issues started when I was around 13 – I used to take ballet lessons from the time I was little till I was 13 – I was a skinny kid and pretty good at ballet – I was told I have potential, was the lead in some ballet performances blah, blah, blah… then I went for my test to move up to point shoes and was told my back was starting to sway, my posture was off etc so I got pretty discouraged and now later in life I realize that it was around the time that I hit puberty that all these negative comments started (I grew boobs and a butt and wasn’t this tiny girl anymore). I decided to quit ballet knowing I was never going to be that skinny girl again, it cost alot of $ and took up alot of time so I decided to focus on other sports instead where I didn’t have to be a beanpole. I have been playing on sports teams my whole life, I was never the best person on the team but I like to think that I wasn’t a liability when I was out there LOL!! I was always active but not necessarily healthy, I always felt like I was the fattest of my friends (heck I still do), thinking back now I wish I could go back and kick my ass and tell myself to enjoy what you have or else make the smart choices to change things so that you can enjoy it. So many years have been wasted feeling bad about myself. I am really grateful that this opportunity came up when it did. I know it’s going to get me on the right path. A co-worker asked me how I was feeling about everything and I told her I was relived that I don’t have to think about whether or not I am doing the right things, I am just going to trust the professionals and go along for the ride!!

On a lighter note here are a few of my favourite things: Movies – Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Nightmare on Elm Street (The Original), Song – With or without you by U2, Colour – Green, Desert – Chocolate milkshake.

Here’s how my week went:

I forgot to mention that I went to see Craig at Van City the week before. Really nice guy who told me that we may actually be able to retire one day and talked me thru a few other options for savings etc.

Before I start my summary I wanted to break something to you – do you know that you can actually choose the foods that you put in your mouth – they don’t have some weird mind control over you that make you eat them. Who knew?!

Monday – was the start of my healthy eating…I have officially joined the Magic Bullet club at work. I work with extremely healthy, supportive people and I think it may have caused some of them actual physical pain to watch me eating the bad foods I would eat before. There are only a few holdouts that haven’t joined the Bullet club but I have a feeling they may cave soon LOL! I have eaten more fruits and veggies this week than I have in maybe my whole life (I’m barely exaggerating!). I had my work out bright and early which went good. We are using a Bosu? ball now which just makes everything that much harder Yeah me!!

Tuesday – I went to boot camp by myself because Julie was getting a root canal – I guess she may have had it worse.

Wednesday – Fitness test bright and early – I don’t know why I need to do a test to tell me I’m not fit – I already know!!

Thursday – Julie was back for bootcamp which makes it so much more fun!! But she was a little loopy on painkillers so it made it even more entertaining that day!! She held a weight over her head while she was walking up and down the stairs at one of our stations – I’m impressed, I chose to carry one at my chest – I’m not that brave. I gotta keep all the brain cells I can LOL!!

Friday – Spin class… not to taint your view of spin class but just so you know – spin class hurts your butt!!! But crazy me was back again bright and early, YEAH me again, it is a super good workout and doesn’t hurt my knee too bad so I will stick with it!!

See I told you I would have a hard time keeping it short and sweet!

Till next time.

Laters baby! 🙂

Here’s a picture of me showing off some of my healthy choices!:


Week 1 and a summary of all the weeks that got me to where I am today!

Well here it goes… I have never blogged before so I hope this works.

Where to begin hmmmm….. I’m a 38 year old mother of 2 (13 year old girl and 4 year old boy).  I have played sports my whole life and was playing soccer on my awesome JDF Over 30’s team in September in Sooke when I tore my lateral meniscus.  I had surgery in November and they removed 1/4 of it.  I am just getting back into exercising again and so grateful that the Times Colonist Health Challenge came up at the right time for me and of course that they actually picked me!

A little more about me because as my friends, family and co-workers know I like to talk (keeping this blog short and sweet could be a problem):

I was a Navy brat growing up and lived all across Canada untill I was 10 and moved to Victoria for good.  I met my husband in Grade 5 at Rockheights Elementary and we “dated” a few times between Grades 5-7 (back when dating meant switching jackets at recess!!)  We started dating again officially in Grade 11 at Esquimalt High School and have been together basically ever since.  We did everything backwards – moved in together at 19, bought a car together at 20, had our daughter at 25, bought a house at 29, got married at 33 and had our son at 34 (at least we did one thing in the right order).  I’m an accountant and just started taking the CMA program so these next few months are going to be CRAZY busy!!!

Heres 5 things I like and 5 things I don’t like:

Like: 1. Tigers 2. The colour green 3. My Iphone 4. Listening to music loud in the car 5. My family

Dislike: 1. That it just took me 5 min to think of 5 things I like 2. People who wear Hunter rain boots when it’s not even raining 3. Hairy hands 4. That I let myself get this out of shape 😦 5. Any fruit or vegetable (this should really be #1)

Well enough about my past for now – here is my update for Week 1:

I had all my fitness testing etc at PISE (super nice people there) – really weird being hooked up to a mask while riding a bike,  I did particularly like the lying down for 20 minutes part though.  I was excited to learn that my optimum heart rate is 137.  I had no idea what that meant before.  To do list includes buying a heart monitor so I can keep track when I am working out.

I had my first workout bright and early at 6:15am on Monday – it was pretty good.  Dana at Westshore Rec is really nice!!

I had my second workout bright and early at 6:15am on Wednesday morning – mental note for anyone deciding to make a life change and start exercising more – don’t try to show off at the first workout so that by the time the second work out comes around you are still so sore it hurts to sit 🙂 Wednesday was a tough day.

Thursday at lunch my co-worker Julie and I went to bootcamp downtown, since I was still sore from Monday and Wednesday bootcamp was not a pleasant experience that day (we had started before I found out I was selected for the TC Health Challenge)

Thursday night I met my Nutritionist for the first time – she is really nice Julie at Pure Nutrition – I had apologized to the TC Health Challenge crew before hand that if after working with me she wouldn’t want to do it again next year LOL!  I dislike no hate (yeah hate) pretty much all fruits and vegetables and avoid them at all costs, so I knew she would be in for a challenge.  She didn’t laugh right in my face and actually had a meal plan that my analytic self-will love to follow.  I like to tick boxes and follow instructions.  So she sent me a plan that I will try my best to follow.  I see a lot of smoothies in my near future just to try to get the fruits and veggies in.  The best part of the plan – she left room for my vanilla vodka and coke zero!! I think this could work out just fine!  Going to go grocery shopping this weekend and do my best to stay in the outside aisle.

That brings us to today Friday – I did a spin class bright and early for the first time ever at Westshore Rec (another perk on top of the 2 days a week personal training).  It was literally the hardest workout I have ever had.  I have never seen so much sweat in my life.  Crazy is all I can say.  I was so wiped I couldn’t even drive to work after I had to catch the bus so I didn’t have to focus on anything else except breathing!!  Another mental note for any of you deciding to start working out – don’t try to show off in your first spin class to the point that you are completely spacey for the rest of the day.  I’ll be back next Friday though – it was super hard but I know it will be really good for me so I’m going to do my best to stick with it.  My knee was hurting a bit after but no pain no gain right?

My to do list for the weekend: make a meal plan, go grocery shopping and resist the ice-cream aisle, take kids to soccer games, do homework, and probably 20 other things I can’t remember at this point.

Well enough for this week – I will try to keep next weeks a little shorter.

Off to listen to some Tainted Love – Till next time….

Laters Baby!!